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Back home – but the journey goes on!

We`re back home again! After an 11 hours flight from Bangkok our plane arrived at Frankfurt Airport at about 7 p. m. today – and it`s been exactly 80 days since we left on 10 September, time shift considered! ;-)

Around the world...of beers! - Crown caps from every destination on our trip (© 2010 Bernd Neeser)So how does it feel to be back home in good old (and good COLD) Germany? Are we sad that it`s over, crying tears that we have to get back to normal life which will never ever be as good as the time we had on our trip? As if!

We made a lot of dreams come true on our trip: scuba diving with bull sharks, staying on a desert South Sea island, cattle mustering on horseback, shooting in USA, seeing Hollywood and the Universal Studios, a walk through the jungle, … awesome experiences we will never forget just like the great people we met (ok, I won`t try to list all of them here because I`d quite sure forget to mention some names!! ;-) ).

But life is not about sticking to your past it`s about looking forward to what comes next. Inspired by the countless new things we saw on our trip we came up with so many ideas and plans for the future. We just can`t wait to put them into action now! I`m also sure it won`t take long until we meet some of the guys from our trip again… 8-)

I was asked several times if 80 days are enough time to see the world. Looking back I can say that it was the perfect time for us to see and do what we wanted. If you expect to see EVERYTHING on a round-the-world trip you`ll probably be disappointed because that will never happen even if you`re travelling for years. Pick out a few important cities, islands, beaches to visit or things to do in every country, take your time to do it and you`ll be satisfied. Remember, you can always come back to spend more time in specific countries. For example, we could imagine to come back to New Zealand to spend a little more time there and visit the south island. Or see the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, or more states of the USA, etc. But we don`t feel like we missed something on this trip.

The journey continues!

When I launched roundtheworldin80days.net in summer 2010 the website was planned to get “frozen” after the end of the trip. But more than 1.600 visitors and over 7.000 clicks within 80 days speak another language. They seem to say: “Hey, it wasn`t that boring, we wanna see more!”.

So my current plans for the future of this website are as follows:

  • Another website of mine – the Diver`s Blog – is going to die, existing content will be moved to roundtheworldin80days.net
  • I`m going to add further trips e. g. the Berlin trip Isabell & I did in spring 2010
  • Future trips will be blogged on roundtheworldin80days.net including stories, travel tips, pictures and itineraries

What do you think – good idea or just a boring refill? What is it that made you visit our website in the past? Have you had fun to read our stories? To look at the pictures? Or did you find us via Google searching for travel information? Write us a comment with your opinion we`re looking forward to reading your feedback!

- Bernd -