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Desert Driving Training

Remember the dune bashing during our desert safari? This time it was our turn! We did not just want to join some arbitrary fun course. Our personal goal was to really understand how to drive in desert. Therefore, we signed up for a one day Desert Driving Course at the Emirates Driving Institute – the offical driving school.

Our course started with a theory session where we learned about 4×4 technique, driving modes (low range / high range), which gear to use when (totally different from driving on the road!), recovery and even survival in desert. Then we did our practical training with a Nissan Patrol with manual transmission. At the beginning we had to recover our stuck car without digging. Then we started with driving. It takes a while until you trust your car. Like I already wrote in the Overnight Desert Safari post, it constantly feels like you are rolling over, especially when turning the car in a steep dune. You have to drive them at full throttle to use the centrifugal force even though your brain tells you to slow down.

Anyway, at the end of the day we were both able to master the dunes. Thanks to our instructor, he was very passionate and friendly and had a lot of practical advises. I am sure this was not our last offroad experience :-)

- Bernd -