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Daytrip through the Emirates

One day we went to the airport and rent a car for a day to explore the area around Dubai.
Our original plan was to cross the border to Oman. Either the north border to see the fjords of al-Chasab or the east border to swim in the “wadis” (natural waterholes) in the mountains. For your information, if you have such plans, too: Currently, it is NOT possible to cross the border as a tourist. You need a guided tour with a local or to travel by plane.
We drove to Ras al-Chaima close to the northern border instead. Not much to see there but we found camels along the way. The rest of the day we made our way to the Hatta mountains. Interesting to see, how the sandy landscape turned into mountained. Not rocky, like the Alps but with pepple stone. Perfect to practice offroad driving, if you leave the highway for a while ;-)
Our destination was Hatta, a village two kilometers from the east border to Oman. They have a big barrier lake and an old Bedouin village (“Hatta Heritage Village”) you can visit for free. Nothing spectacular, but definitely worth the trip!

- Bernd -