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Meet the bulls!

Bull shark - © pterantulaDear readers, did you ever feel like diving with a shark species that

“[...] may be more dangerous to humans than any other species of shark, and, along with tiger sharks and great white sharks, [they] are among the three shark species most likely to attack humans.”


Well, maybe you never felt like diving with sharks at all ;-) but if you`re a fan like us then you should go to Beqa Lagoon – the top spot on Fiji – and see their bull sharks (Quote above from the Wikipedia article). We`ve been diving there yesterday and had over 20 of them on one dive, big ones with a fat body but still so much faster and agile than you´d think. It was an overwhelming experience seeing those 10 feet (3 meters!) tall fish swimming around only a few meters away from you and the best thing was: We were in the open water, no glass between, no cage, nothing! It wouldn`t have been necessary as our dive guides were very experienced and equiped with metal bars to hold back sharks that would come too close.
Beside the bull sharks we had a lot of other species like whitetip, blacktip and grey reef sharks. You would be very lucky to face one of them on an ordinary dive but the bulls definitely stole them the show!
I do not yet have an underwater housing for my new DSLR camera so I can`t offer you pictures from the dives – sorry! But the bull shark on the picture (that has also been taken in Beqa Lagoon!) could be one of those we saw – thanks to pterantula for sharing the picture under Creative Common licence!

- Bernd -

P.S. For more pictures have a look at the gallery on the website of our tour operator, the Beqa Adventure Divers!