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Gangstas Paradise

Isabell & Bailey's (© 2010 Bernd Neeser)After a more or (for some of us ;) ) LESS convenient flight with our friends red wine and Bailey’s we reached a city that is said to be criminal and corrupt. So here we are: Mexico City! I`m not a friend of cliches but let me just tell you about our arrival.
Custom: Had to push a button, that lights red or green BY RANDOM – if it turns red, you loose the game and get your luggage controlled! :?: We won!
Money changer: After counting two times a Bob Marley like guy gave me the money. At the moment I started counting the money by myself he suddenly realized that he counted wrong before and gave me the missing amount…hm…okay, maybe he just needed a few minustes to think about it..?
Bernd & red wine (© 2010 Isabell Gernert)Order an authorized taxi: 127 Mexican Pesos, I paid with a 200$M bill, the lady gave me back something round about 40. “Em…I`m getting back 73″ – “Oh, sorry” (the lady drops a few more coins) – “Still less than 50, it`s 73″ – “Ooooooh, sorry” (Drops a few more bills, I count again, 71) – “71!?” – she wordless gave me the two missing Pesos and I really felt like breaking her neck.
Driving to the hostel: You’re waiting on a crossway for the traffic light to get green. Although it is DARK RED your taxi driver keeps hitting the signal-horn. Two policemen standing right next to the car don`t care. They also don`t care about that twelve year old boy walking on the street to juggle with machetes…

…sounds like circus? No, it`s GANGSTAS PARADISE…looking forward to see a little bit more of the city tomorrow :)

- Bernd -