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An encounter on Kangaroo Island Ferry

I was just about to leave the car deck on the Kangaroo Island Ferry back to the mainland when I saw this truck with the cattle next to my car. You could see on their faces that they were afraid and I could hear nervous noises. I still wanted to leave, go upstears to the passenger deck and get myself something to drink. But one of the sheeps was starring so intense and so sadly into my direction that I had to stop for a minute. I felt guilty for every single time I had eaten lamb in the past. But at the same time I knew that this would not be the life changing moment where I would change my mind forever, become a vegetarian and dedicate my life to saving sheeps from the butcher. But still, it felt a little bit sad and made me more aware of where the steak on the plate comes from.

- Bernd -

Leaving Kangaroo Island
Remarkable Rocks
Cape du Couedic Lightstation and Admirals Arch
Kangaroo Island – Roadside Impressions

Why go to Kangaroo Island when you can see all the wildlife on the mainland, too?
Well, Kangaroo Island feels different. You have several nature reserves and small towns which are connected by only a few concrete roads. The rest are more or less dirt roads but not the challenging kind you would need a 4×4 for. You can drive everywhere on the island by car. However, the whole experience feels like offroad driving in Jurassic Park. And the chances to see rare wildlife along the road is much higher than on the mainland. We had good luck and found an echidna!

- Bernd -

Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park
Port Ellis and Kangaroo Island Ferry

We spent the night in Port Ellis, a picturesque ;-) coast town. On the next morning we left early to catch the first ferry from Port Jevis to Kangaroo Island.

- Bernd -

On the way to Salt Creek
Gibson Steps und Twelve Apostles
Cape Otway
A roadtrip through South-East Australia

In October 2017 I decided to finally make a dream come true that I have had since 10 years ago when I started scuba diving and underwater photography. The dream was to go cage diving with the Great White Shark.
There are three hot spots in the world for cage diving with the GWS: Guadalupe Island (very remote), South Africa (bad visibility and therefore not easy to take pictures) and South Australia. The tours in South Australia depart from Port Lincoln. When you look on the map you can see that the world famous Great Ocean Road leads you from Melbourne to Adelaide and from there Port Lincoln can be reached within a day.
So the idea was born: A roadtrip from Melbourne including the cage diving!

We arrived in Melbourne on October 10 and spent a night in a Hotel close to the airport. The next morning we picked up our rental car and drove to our first stop at the Great Ocean Road, Lorne (and were caught by a speed camera on the way…). Lorne was empty because we were visiting in the off-season but it has a beautiful waterfall (the Erskine Falls) and a lot (!) of cockatoos in the park.

- Bernd -